“Good hospitality and very good service”.
- Mr. Arindam Sarkar
  Date: 28-Dec-12

“My family stays only in this hotel whenever in Guwahati. It is like home to us. Service is excellent. Room bearers are very efficient”.
- Mrs. Limandaro
  Date: 28-Dec-12

“Very good service. Very friendly. Overall very very good people and Good atmosphere”.
- Mr. Sanjay Lala
  Date: 14-Dec-12

“Very good hospitality and cleanliness. Support from all staff. Good Luck!”.
- Ms. Alpa Dave
  Date: 28-Nov-12

“Good service with reasonable price”.
- Mr. Lalramchhaua
  Date: 24-Nov-12

“It’s a home away from home with all its essence of care and a secure hotel”.
- Mr. Puii Gathang
  Date: 4-Nov-12

“Excellent service. Really a very good experience. Very helpful staff”.
- Mr. Rajib Mukherjee
  West Bengal
  Date: 31-Oct-12

“We felt comfortable here. Room service is excellent. On the whole total arrangement is good”.
- Mr. SK Majumdar
  Date: 27-Oct-12

“Everything was great! Great room, great restaurant, great service. The owner was very helpful and accommodating. We really enjoyed our   stay! Thank you”.
- Mr.Forest and Ms.Daniela
  California, USA
  Date: 7-Oct-12

“Good hospitality. Room service is on time. Quite cheap rates located in the main market”.
- Mr. Chandrashekhar D Bandkhale
  Date: 24-Jul-12

“Big smiles makes the guests happy and comfortable. Very few have that quality - that quality has been shown to us in this hotel - we are   excited and pleased to come back”.
- Rev. H Chungthang Thiek
  Date: 28-Jun-12

“Service is upto the mark. Clean. Well behaved, disciplined staff”.
- Mr. Ryan S Sangma
  Date: 26-Jun-12

“Service is very good. We are leaving with very good experience”.
- Mr. Somnath Chatterjee
  Date: 16-Jun-12

“Staff very friendly. Good value for money”.
- Mr. Ras Chelvaraj
  Date: 16-Jun-12

“Reception desk and service are excellent. Staff are very co-operative and friendly in nature. Liked the stay very much. Would like to come   again next time. Good service and staff, clean room”.
- Mr. Clio Zandviliett
  Date: 8-Jun-12

“Value for money. Decent service”.
- Mr. Anuj Anand
  Date: 26-May-12

“Excellent service and Hospitality”.
- Mr. D Bhattacharjee
  Date: 24-May-12

“One of the best Hospitality that I received in this hotel - an everlasting memory. Good Luck”.
- Mr. PVR Ambedkar
  Date: 23-May-12

“Hotel is Good and service provided is also very good. It would be nice if there can be a lift in the hotel”.
- Mr. Niloy Sengupta
  Date: 21-May-12

“Good Accommodation and Good service. Thank you”.
- Mr. PV Ramesan
  Date: 21-May-12

“Hotel is good. Assistance regarding Tourist information should be improved. Food is Good”.
- Ms. Paramita Mukherjee
  Date: 20-May-12

“Good service and Nice support provided by entire team”.
- Ms. Priya
  Date: 27-Sep-12

“We are very happy with the stay here - a home outside our home”.
- Dr. CK Chatterjee
  Date: 14-Apr-12

“We are satisfied with good behaviour and hospitality of the hotel. Food was very nice!”.
- Mr. BN Baral
  Date: 14-Apr-12

“We are happy with the good service and behaviour of the ever smiling Manager and his staff”.
- Mr. AR Acharya
  Date: 14-Apr-12

“Thanks Kudos! Great Service &Food and for everything”.
- Mr. Kyosti Lorti
  Date: 7-Apr-12

“Very good location, comfortable stay”.
- Mr. Wolf Withe
  Date: 1-Apr-12

“Safe location. Good service”.
- Mr. Samrat Chatterjee
  Date: 28-Mar-12

“Comfortable, safe and Good location. WiFi Internet will be nice”.
- Mr. Benjamin Hariog
  Date: 25-Mar-12

“Very good and Excellent!”.
- Mr. ASN Prasad
  Date: 24-Mar-12

“Very good place to stay in Guwahati”.
- Mr. Deepak Lalwani
  Date: 24-Mar-12

“Excellent service, professional staff and one of the best maintained Hotels in the area. Thank You!”
- Mr. Shawn Pshajek
  Date: 19-Mar-12

Date: 19-Mar-12“A great hotel. I will stay here the next time I am here. Will tell my friends!”.
- Mr. John Heller
  Date: 19-Mar-12

“Food is of excellent quality especially the "TEA". The service provided is good. Well Done!! Keep it up”.
- Ms. Arpita Sen
  Date: 18-Mar-12

“Service is excellent. Food is good. Would like to come again”.
- Mr. Sameer Rupani
  Date: 17-Mar-12

“Rooms are spacious, neat and well maintained. Service is upto the mark.Staff is very cordial and polite. I enjoyed my two days stay along   with my family”.
- Mr. Rajat Baliarsinha
  Date: 17-Mar-12

“Nice room, Good food, Friendly service”.
- Mr. Mueller-Hendrik
  Date: 3-Mar-12

“Well maintained hotel - Neat and Clean. Annoyed by phone at night. Overall good experience and very much pleased”.
- Mr. S Bera
  Date: 25-Feb-12

“Nice staff, Good restaurant, a little noisy. Clean Hotel”.
- Ms. Le Guenne Cecile
  Date: 19-Feb-12

“I am pleased with the Cleanliness and Hospitality”.
- Mr. M. Mitra
  Date: 19-Feb-12

“Outstanding service - staff are really helpful. The Manager, Mr. Sowkat is very courteous and responsive to guests”.
- Dr. I Sinha
  Date: 17-Feb-12

“Nice staff. Very pleasant experience”.
- Mr. Saurav Jauhari
  Uttar Pradesh
  Date: 14-Feb-12

“Friendly Staff and very helpful! Thanks for a great stay!”.
- Mr. Denis Ryan
  Date: 2-Feb-12